About Us

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away…Hi! We’re the founders of Cosmic Donuts: Jhori Jurgenson and Bonnie Tedder, a mother-daughter duo, and Jason Garvey, a police officer who fulfills the whole “cops love donuts” stereotype. What started off as a crazy dream has transformed into reality and we are so thrilled to bring our dream of specialty donuts to Kinderhook, New York.


What do we mean by specialty donuts, you may ask? Think giant orbs of fluffy dough filled with transcendental fillings, like homemade cookie dough, savory cheesecake and buttercreams galore, to name just a few. Imagine donuts dipped in heavenly glazes from lemon to nutella, topped sky-high with anything from fruity pebbles to a slice of key lime pie. Hungry yet?

Meet The Crew

Behind every one of these extraterrestrial donuts is our crew waking up at ungodly hours to bring the magic to life. We’re a mad hatter crew and we have poured our heart and souls into bringing our love for donuts to the public and truly making donuts that are out of this world.


Bonnie is the kneader of the dough behind each one of our otherworldly donuts.


Jhori is the sprinkler of sprinkles, the froster of frostings, the mad scientist of donuts crafting each to be more magical than the last.


Jason Garvey is our resident jack-of-all-trades, known for his exceptional taste-testing skills.