Types of DONUTS

Regular donuts are good and all, but here at Cosmic Donuts we like off-the-wall, specialty flavors!

Yeast Rings

In our galaxy of donut types, these are our tried-and-true, grab-and-go with no mess involved donuts. They are our regular donuts – fluffy spheres of yeast raised dough that melt in your mouth with each bite.


Every part of the donut has a special job, and the donut hole is no different. While discarded from the bismark as if it’s of little importance, we consider it to be a hero among donut scraps. This little guy is fried to perfection, and can be coated with just about anything we offer. Grab a “cup o’ dough” while in the shop – a to-go cup filled with these fried goodies, drizzled and covered with your toppings of choice.

Cake Donuts

While more dense than their yeast counterparts, the cake donut is flavorful and packed with a dense richness unlike the fluffy texture of a yeast raised donut. Our cake donuts come in a variety of flavors, topped with just about anything we can think of, and devoured just as quickly as we can get our hands on them.

Specialty Donuts AKA “Supernovas”

These are the superstars of our donut show, the glitz and the glam, the donuts that inspire the “oohs” and the “aaaahs” of intrigued customers. These are the yeast raised donuts of your dreams, stuffed with everything from cheesecake filling to apple pie, topped with anything from candy pieces to streusel to entire pieces of cake, smothered in homemade buttercreams and ganaches and icings. These are the donuts that you can’t say no to, that you throw your entire diet off course with – well, because, to put it plainly: they are delicious.


We love donuts, we love our customers, and we also love animals, which is why we offer a vegan donut for those that are staying dairy and animal product-free. Eat these delicious dough balls guilt-free and enjoy our rotating menu of options which are offered three days a week.